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About Us

Master Automotive Training Has Came Together to Provide the Best Smog Technician training for every student that attends our Smog Institute.

Our Staff is equipped with well over 15 years experience in the smog and automotive field. We have gathered personal experience, in the automotive field as well as the classroom. We have put together an environment in which the students can have that comfort of an amazing learning environment. We strive on providing the best up to date equipment, and sources for learning at our smog school. Our number one goal at Master Automotive Training is to serve and give the best education to our future technicians. Here at MAT we strive for excellence, and integrity.

California Smog License Requirements: Starting 08/01/12, Bar has created 3 alternatives when applying for a smog license they are as follows: Inspector Only, Repair Only, and Test and Repair.

Inspector Only

Level 1 Inspector training
Level 2 Inspector Training

Repair Only

ASE A6, A8, and L1 or BAR specified Repairs and Diagnostic Training

Test and Repair

ASE A6, A8, and L1 or Bar Specified Repair and Diagnostic Training
Level 2 Inspector Training

Current Inspector Renewal

Update Training

Existing Repair Renewal

Update Training

ASE A6, A8, L1, or Bar Specified Repair and Diagnostic Training

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