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1. Who is Master Automotive Training?

A: Master Automotive Training, is a technical school located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. As a school we strive to better the automotive industry one technician at a time. Because of this belif we began to work the industries best suppliers to help us not only train but also equip our students and fellow technicians with the best in automotive tools and technologies.


2. Is this a real place?

OF COURSE! We have been training hundreds of technicians in California for the past 7 years. Plus check out our feature on Fox News.


3. Why buy from you?

As a school we strive to better the automotive industry. By offering tools at very low costs we are able to help students and fellow technicians better equip themselves. Plus the profits of these sales are then sent back to our campus to better equip our classrooms, labs and also continue to train our staff and instructors.


4. Do you have financing?

Yes we do, we have Affrim, Klarna and ClickLease


5. How long before MAT ships my item?

We strive to get you working ASAP, give us 1-3 business days to get your item ready and on its way to you. (Usually 1 day)


6. Do you offer returns?

Yes we do within 30 days. Read More


7. Are the Autel tools for and from the USA?

Yes, we are an authorized Autel Dealer and all Autel products are made for use ONLY in the USA.


8. Do you offer training?

We do, check out our YouTube Channel and our TikTok where are instructors are always posting great videos.