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Inspector Program (Smog Check Technician)

Inspector Program (Smog Check Technician)

Description: The Inspector Program teaches you the foundational skills employers look for
when hiring smog check technicians and the training offers the following courses:

State Approved Level 1 Training (Engine and Emission Control Fundamentals)
This course is a minimum of 68 hours in length and is designed for inspector applicants with
little or no automotive experience and covers the following topics:

  • Safety
  • Engine theory
  • Design and operation for gasoline and diesel engines
  • Cooling systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Ignition systems
  • Induction systems
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Carburetion
  • Engine management systems and On-board diagnostics
  • Emission control theory, design, and operation
  • Emissions cause and effect.
State Approved Level 2 Training (Smog Check Procedures)
  • This course is a minimum of 28 hours in length and is designed for Inspector applicants and
  • covers the following topics:
  • Safety
  • Administrative requirements of Smog Check
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Visual Inspection procedures
  • Emissions testing procedures
  • Functional testing procedures
  • General information when completing a Smog Check inspection.

What you’ll learn in this course:
This course is designed to give you the knowledge and requirements to become of a Certified
Smog Inspector. It covers information on basic & enhanced smog inspections, laws and
regulations pertaining to smog inspections, and how to perform a proper smog inspection using
the BAR-97 smog machine, DAD OIS machine and the EVAP System machine.