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Pheonix Max

Original price $4,500.99 - Original price $4,500.99
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$4,500.99 - $4,500.99
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ALL SCOPE PURCHASES, include a FREE online scope training, 100% FREE!!

The Phoenix MAX Full size Advanced-Level professional diagnostic tool with one year of Heavy Duty Capability updates and included Heavy Duty cables.

The Phoenix Max is TOPDON's newest cutting-edge automotive diagnostic scanner. With a 13.3" screen, this all-in-one tool offers a wide array of functionalities that will expand any technician's capacity to complete even more jobs. The Phoenix Max includes a 4-channel oscilloscope, ADAS compatibility, and Topology Mapping that shows all car systems in one view. Its updated MDCI (Modular Diagnostics & Communication Interface) includes the latest protocols, allowing professionals to perform more complex repairs on various automotive and heavy-duty vehicles with optional add-on software (1 year included in this kit).

  • Includes a 4-channel Oscilloscope 
  • Cloud-based Programming and Online Coding 
  • Access the FCA Gateway to Work on the Most Modern Vehicles and Adjust Protected Functions
  • Supports ADAS Calibration and Battery Testing, and HD Diagnostics (1 year included in this kit)
  • Features Topology Mapping
  • MDCI Pro equipped with J2534, CanFD, DoIP, D-PU, and RP1210 Protocols
  • 1 Year of Heavy-Duty Capability add on software