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Pico WPS500 Kit

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Item ships directly from Pico, expect a normal 2-4 week shipping time. 

Designed to offer uncompromising resolution and accuracy, the Pico automotive diagnostic pressure transducer allows quick and accurate pressure analysis of many automotive systems, with:
* three pressure ranges
* a zoom tool
* integrated bleed-off / pressure relief valve

Accurately measure pressure to 500psi

Ultra fast 100μS response time

Zoom feature for enhanced analysis capabilities

Rechargeable Li-PO battery

Integrated pressure relief / bleed-off valve

Auto Zeroing

High noise immunity

Temperature compensated

This unit is an auto zeroing pressure transducer designed to offer form and flexibility to automotive diagnostics.

What Lab Scopes does the WPS500X Transducer work with?
The Pico WPS500X Transducer works with all modern automotive and industrial lab scopes, including, but not limited to: PicoScope, Snap-on Verus, Snap-on MODIS, Snap-on VantagePro, Fluke ScopeMeters, Bosch, Interro, UEI, OTC, etc... However, lab scopes with banana inputs require a Bananas to BNC adapter.

PP939 Kit Contents 
• WPS500X pressure transducer
• Carry case
• USB cable
• 16FT BNC to BNC cable
• TA083: Fuel hose with large Schrader valve
• TA117: Fuel hose with small Schrader valve
• TA085: Vacuum hose
• TA086: Bleed hose
• TA087: Exhaust adapter
• TA142: spare Foster series 2 quick coupler
• TA212: Standard compression hose for WPS
• TA213: Adaptor M10 short reach
• TA216: Adaptor M12 deep reach
• TA217: Adaptor M14 short reach
• TA218: Adaptor M14 Deep reach
• TA129: Universal vacuum adaptor


Item ships directly from Pico, expect a normal 2-4 week shipping time.